Sell Downloads & Digital Products in Minutes

5 Minute install - no framework, database, or coding required

Selling Downloads can be Quick & Easy

As a maker, you create products - books, software, courses, reports, and more. But when it comes to selling your product, you can spend a fortune in fees, time, or effort actually making it available for sale. Your choices are often monthly payments or significant coding. But now QuickSold gives you all the basics to launch your product for sale in minutes with no monthly fees. And you can have as many products as you like.

In a matter of minutes you can have your product for sale, securely, and

  • collect payment via your Stripe account * no monthly fees,
  • have a secure download page,
  • limit that download to X days to prevent it from being shared,
  • send an email receipt to your customer (and BCC yourself) AND
  • add their email address to your Mailchimp account (if they check the box).

...and of course you can customize it any way you like!

QuickSold allows you to have a product for sale quickly, and with little effort. Just download, FTP, and follow the prompts. It will allow you to create a login, setup all your site details and then enter in a product - all in a matter of minutes. But, it also gives you complete control if you want to customize the look, code, or experience.

How QuickSold is Setup

Quick & Easy Steps







For Sale page

Taking Stripe Payment

Thankyou /Download page

Admin Login

Admin Master Config

Admin Product List

Admin Product Edit

File Structure

Inside QuickSold

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For Sale page
screenshots of QuickSold

What can you do with QuickSold


Download the standard product source or Ask about customizations


1-Time purchase

5 Minute Install

3 Months Support

Std Source Code


1-Time purchase

5 Minute Install

3 Months Support

Customized Source


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, bugs, or custom requests. Please make sure you give me enough information to contact you and to understand any issues or requests. And I'll get back to you shortly.